Working at home and a few days in Norfolk.

05th November 2014
Sadly I haven't had much birding time over the last two months because of a heavy work schedule at home. I have been fitting new wooden doors internally and plastic doors externally. I have also been fitting plastic internal wall cladding to our porch, it really is marvellous material, it is so easy to keep clean and maintain, and it looks great! I have also fitted some external plastic cladding for protection against the weather, all part of my plan to decrease routine maintenance as I get older and more importantly I can then spend more time out birding.
In addition it's remarkable what you can order online these days, we had a large 2.4 x 1.0 metre window in a lean-to on the back of the cottage, it's been there twenty years since we have lived here and I suspect about ten before that. However it's time had come and it was in need of replacemant. I found a company online that supply windows by courier, if you provide the measurements and style of window they will post it to you. I must admit I was a little dubious about ordering a large window online, but after speaking to the owner of the company I was reassured. I measured up very carefully, several times, and then placed my order. Sure enough about a week later it arrived and it was exactly to my specifications and very good quality, more importantly it was much cheaper than getting somebody to supply and fit one. The total cost of the window, double glazed glass, the window sill and carriage was only £230.00, as opposed to over £500.00 for a supply and fit. There really is nothing to fitting these windows, you just need a sensible plan beforehand, the necessary tools and anyone can do it.
The next fine day I removed the old window, recycled all the materials and fitted the new unit, the followind day I fitted all the trims and mastiked the whole job. it was very satisfying and £300.00 more in my bank account!!
After all this work we decided to have a short break to Norfolk to recharge the batteries, the main birding was over but the weather was nice and we had some lovely early morning walks along secluded beaches and just generally chilled out. Back home the leaves are falling at a pace now and with the first real frosts due this week many more will fall. The hedges are being cut next week and then all the work is done until the spring.
I have started my winter bird feeding programme and this morning three young pheasants were in the garden, always nice to see.
I have also started work on my annual wildlife calender and I am just one image short. I only construct a calender for friends and family, it's too much hassle trying to sell them, I see people trying desperately to sell calenders but the general public wont pay enough for them to make it worthwhile. If you say £15.00 they look in disbelief, they want one for a fiver, considering the quality of the calenders that I get printed, large original images that no one else can possibly have, printed on high density gloss paper, along with the time and effort put in to get these images, I think that price is quite reasonable. There are some people, however, that recognize quality, because last year I gave a calender to my neighbours at their farm shop and some other people saw them and wanted them as well. I ended up selling all I had and then had to order more for relatives! But there you go, you can't please everybody.
However, this weekend my one year old nephew is coming to stay, (with his parents), so it will have to wait until next week.

Pictured below; Spoonbills near Holme next the sea, Norfolk.