A million hits!

18th March 2016
A milestone for this website today as it clocks up a million hits. I’m quite pleased that this obscure little website, with only one person providing the info has achieved this total. Another pleasing fact is that almost half of those hits are by readers of my blog. I try to make the blog interesting, however, it’s not easy because most of the time there really is nothing much to write about. There is an obvious phenomena associated with internet blogs and it is as follows; the banality of what is written in a blog is inversely proportional to the internet hits it receives. I hope this isn’t the case with me, therefore, I am determined never to intentionally put this into practice. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and this is exemplified I hope when people write to me and tell me they really enjoy my blog.
Also very popular are my equipment review and trip report pages, which I’m pleased to say have been a useful source of information to many, both these pages have been read over five thousand times each.
When I first started I didn’t have a clue on how to construct, and more importantly, maintain a website of this kind. Some may say that I still don’t, but the traffic statistics suggest otherwise! Finally; a huge amount of credit must go to my wife Susan whose flair, insight and encouragement are major contributing factors to this website's popularity.
Long may it continue.