Another Sparrowhawk kill

22nd January 2011
On Thursday this week I found more evidence of a Sparrowhawk kill in my garden, in amongst the plucked feathers were some small yellow feathers, possibly from a Goldfinch. While I waited in the hide on Friday three G S Woodpeckers were around the garden, while one was eating peanuts from a feeder the Sparrowhawk zoomed in and made an attempt to snatch him off the feeder. I have never seen any bird more terrorised in my life, it flew away screaming and I could still see it flying, flat out, about 500 yards away.
I've studied the Sparrowhawk's Modus Operandi, it alters very little; he never flies high up, he uses the lane where my house is as a conduit, he glides down the lane and at a specific point he sweeps up over the Hazel hedge opposite the feeders and then relies on surprise and lightning reactions to snatch any bird caught out in the open.
I have managed to get another shot of him on his "plucking post" but he is facing away again, so I have decided to erect some other perches, not interfering with his flight path, that hopefully will encourage him to turn around and show what a beautiful bird he is. Two of my favourite birds were in the garden today, Long Tailed Tit and Treecreeper, please see photos in Gallery.