Autumn Colours on the River Usk.

20th October 2015
I have been out trying to take advantage of the now rapidly developing autumnal colours around this area. The river Usk is remarkably low at the moment and this low level is allowing access to areas of the river that would normally be under water.
Today this situation allowed me to get a better view through the middle arch of Brynich aquaduct looking up-river to Brynich road bridge near Brecon.
Looking through the aquaduct arch the riverside trees were bathed in sunlight and the river was just lazily moving over the exposed river stones. There was a distant Grey Heron on the river bank about a hundred yards away and it wasn't bothered by me in the slightest, this bird is always in this area.
I felt this was an ideal opportunity to use an ND filter to slow the water up and make it look even more tranquil.
Again I set the camera to f10 and ISO 100, a small aperture and the lowest ISO on the camera. I exposed the scene at 1/25 of a second on these settings then did my calculation for the ND 200 filter using my smartphone AP, (mentioned in previousl Blog post on ND filters), and this came out at around 10 seconds. I switched the camera setting to manual and then switched off the auto focus and attached the ND filter, covered the eyepiece with a piece of tape and tried a few exposures around this shutter speed.
This was the result;