Autumn Sunsets.

28th September 2015
In the Brecon Beacons as the year draws on into Autumn the sunsets start to become more vibrant, and although it is a very short window of opportunity it is well worth getting out to try and capture these beautiful evenings.
Near our cottage is a mountain called Allt yr Esgair, translated into english as The Wooded Ridge, this is a well known landmark and also the place where the sun sets in this part of the Beacons. I was out at 18.30 this evening waiting in a field for the sunset and at 19.00 it started, first a slight pink glow then orange and then what I had been hoping for, at 19.15, an intense flame red sunset. What a sight it is when this happens, it gives me a real thrill to see the sky painted as though it was an artist's canvas.
Then as quickly as it appeared it was gone, a fleeting glimpse of nature at it's best!

Canon 1D Mk ii.
Canon EF 17-40 f4 Lens.
Hoya circular polarizing filter.