Bearded Barbet.

08th April 2018
We were out early one morning in the local Savannah just walking around with Mas and he was mesmerising us with his mimicry, he had birds coming to us instead of us looking for them! On a very few occasions I thought I’d seen something he’d missed and I’d say ‘what was that Mas’ and without looking up he’d say what bird it was, he’d obviously seen it, he never failed to amaze us. A little later on he stopped and said ‘Bearded Barbet calling distantly’, we have seen Barbets in India but only brief views and they were another of our sought after species to see. Then he starts making this weird noise and unbelievably a Bearded Barbet starts responding. ‘He is coming’ he says and after a few more calls there is a Barbet in a tree in front of us!!

I know this sounds like I’m making this up but honestly I’m not and I can’t believe it as I’m photographing two Bearded Barbets right in front of us, I was in shock! We would never have seen birds like this without Mas’s expertise, quite unbelievable.