Bee Eaters, Lesvos.

01st June 2017
Every morning we were up at first light and were leaving our hotel for the first port of call which was the Tsiknias or (East river), which is a five minute drive away. Most birders do this to try and see the birds of the river before any disturbance from farmers and other tourists happens.
You don’t know what you are going to see this early and it’s really worth getting up for, we are early birds ourselves anyway and what’s the point of lying in bed on holidays!
On a couple of mornings we could see some European Bee Eaters flying around a particular area and very occasionally they were landing on some nice looking perches on the river bank. With the east river you have to be on a particular side of the river bank in the early morning before the sun gets up and makes the light too harsh. Therefore, one morning we were in place in the car right opposite these perches before anyone was around and to be fair there weren’t many people around anyway because it is considered late to be in Lesvos for birding. We waited for a while until the Bee Eaters began to fly after the airborne insects and luckily a bird flew around a couple of times and then landed right in front of us. It didn’t last long but just enough to get a few frames off capturing this beautiful bird, if you are tired of Bee Eaters then you must be tired of life!!

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