Blue Breasted Kingfisher.

08th April 2018
On one of our days out with Mas we went to a place called Marakissa this is a bird reserve run by a Dutchman and his Gambian wife. A very nice couple who are very welcoming and they have a very nice set-up which backs onto a river where a variety of birds can be seen including Pied, Malachite, Giant and Blue Breasted Kingfishers. Pied Kingfishers can be seen throughout The Gambia, however, the other three are more difficult. We went for a walk in the local Savannah where we saw a good variety of birds, at one stage we were walking along and Mas said African Harrier Hawk calling nearby, suddenly a bird flew high into the air from a nearby tree, great birding again by Mas.

In total on the trip we saw 212 species of which only about twenty we had seen previously. We had ordered lunch for our return and we were sat down after we had eaten and Mas said to me ‘sit here and keep looking’, we had been sat watching the drinking pots and a good variety of birds had been coming to drink. It was quite warm and after lunch I felt like dozing off and I must admit to drifting a little bit, it was so pleasant. Suddenly Mas whispered ‘Steve, look’ I couldn’t believe my eyes a Blue Breasted Kingfisher was sat on a branch twenty feet away from us.

These birds are ten inches high!

I never thought I would see one that close, what a bird. A great end to a day's birding!!