Cetti's Warbler Lesvos

12th May 2011
The explosive sound of the enigmatic Cetti's Warbler can be heard all over Lesvos and unfortunately they are just as difficult to see there as they are in the UK. Every day I waited for a bird to show after an explosion of noise, but no luck. Then one evening we were standing on the bank of a river, when out of the blue, a Cetti's flew into a small bush right beside us, less than three feet away. We were astounded that this extremely secretive little bird was being so confiding. If that wasn't enough it proceeded to give an astonishing display, in every possible position imaginable, and all from this one little bush. I took a whole raft of shots, while trying at the same time, to enjoy the spectacle. It was as if it was giving us our own personal show, there was no one else around which certainly made it feel that way. Then just as quickly it flew away and disappeared, it was something that will stay with us for a very long time and I must admit to feeling very privileged indeed for some time afterwards.
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