Cinereous Bunting Lesvos

01st May 2011
This second iconic bird of Lesvos proved to be more difficult to photograph because it breeds on remote boulder strewn slopes on the western side of the Island. We drove through the mountain village of Agra into Cinereous Bunting country. We stopped near a prominent rock on the roadside only because there was a small pull-in nearby. We could hear Cretzchmar's Bunting singing and also saw five Blue Rock Thrushes flying on the slopes below us. On this first visit we heard Cinereous Buntings and saw them about 100 yds away. While our backs were turned a bird landed on the rock 20 ft away, I was so surprised that I completely missed the shot, much to my dismay. We drove on to Ipsilou Monastery and saw other birds but only distantly. We thought our chance had gone. We visited the rock again but had no luck whatsoever with the Bunting, however, we did see Bonnelli's Eagle, Short Toed Eagle and Long Legged Buzzard there. The following week we decided to give it one more try, the day was quiet and we were about to leave when suddenly a Cinereous Bunting landed right in front of us on top of the rock. My hands were shaking but I made sure that I took advantage of this very rare opportunity.
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