Crossbill flock increasing

11th November 2011
I have been up on the Brecon Beacons again trying to pin down a flock of Fieldfare and Redwing, the weather was a little better today but these birds are still remaining very spooky and will not settle in one place, I will have to be patient. However, without wishing to sound like Victor Meldrew, I don't believe it, its happened again, I was sitting in my car drinking a cup of coffee when in flew a flock of about 70 Crossbills. It was a sandwich last time, this time I had to jettison my coffee out of the window, but I had my gear set up ready. They perched in a Larch tree opposite me and began feeding, I moved closer and closer, never looking up and trying to hide behind the lens and tripod. I find if you approach a couple of yards at a time, taking shots as you go, then at least you have some shots for your effort. They allowed me to get quite close until I couldn't go any further because the ground dropped away and I would have been looking up - which I hate. I managed some shots of both Males and Females this time.
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