Cuckoos Spring 2015

25th May 2015
This spring has been very poor for Cuckoos in the Brecon Beacons and all my usual historic sites have drawn a blank. I have only heard one bird calling distantly and I couldn't see where that was calling from. I had almost given up seeing any this spring, (which would be very disappointing for me), until I was out walking yesterday morning. As I got to the top of a local hill I could hear a bird calling quite closely, so I tucked myself away in a copse of Rowan trees and waited. After about twenty minutes a male bird perched in a nearby tree very briefly, I shot him immediately before he flew off again. Then remarkably I could hear a female Cuckoo with her 'Bubbling' call and the male bird shot off in pursuit after her, then suddenly another male joined in the pursuit and all three were in the air together. All this spring without seeing a bird and then three come along together, what a lovely spectacle!!
I don't know how the situation with these birds will unfold but I hope the female pairs with one of the males, we need more Cuckoos.

Male Cuckoo.