Difficult times for a local Barn Owl.

08th February 2016
At the moment there is a Barn Owl living nearby, it is roosting and hunting in the surrounding fields near Llangors Lake. However, with this appalling spell of weather forecast to continue life is becoming very difficult indeed for this lovely bird. I have watched it being blown about by strong winds and upset by squally showers making hunting a very difficult task. If these birds get wet it is estimated that their body weight can increase by an incredible seventy percent! This is really bad news because Barn Owls depend on the large surface area of their wings in combination with their small body weight to fly very slowly and still keep on the wing, this is essential for efficient hunting. Increased body weight and wet wings removes both of these fundamental hunting tools and can lead to starvation and ultimately death. In addition to this, strong gusty winds make it very difficult for them to hear their prey rustling in the grass, negating their most useful hunting aid - Hearing!!
Barn Owls lead a very fragile existence at the best of times so these conditions are a veritable nightmare.
I am really hoping this beautiful and iconic bird can get through this winter.
Here it is flying on one of the very few dry evenings.