Egyptian Mongoose

15th May 2013
One evening while taking our evening constitutional we were hiding behind a stone wall watching some Azure Winged Magpies, these are an extremely shy and very intelligent bird and you hardly ever get them out in the open. Some Bee Eaters were also flying around and it was quite pleasant just standing there. Suddenly out of nowhere an animal came loping across the Olive Grove, it was very low to the ground like a Badger. I could see no black and white so I dismissed Badger. When it saw us it stopped immediately and raised itself up to take a better look. I could now see it was a Mongoose, and a Mongoose with a large dead frog in its jaws. I took some shots before it dived back under a fence and quickly disappeared.
The fact that it hadn't eaten the frog told us that it probably had young and it was taking it back to its Den/Lair for the young Mongooses.
I have seen one before, while I was walking along a track up in the mountains in Andalucia but that was only a glimpse.
What a fascinating creature they are.