Failure of the Pine Cone crop

08th June 2013
There has been a large scale failure in this area of this seasons Pine cones and as a result birds like Siskins and Redpolls which depend on the seed to support young during the summer months have had to abandon the pine forests and seek food elsewhere.
Also Crossbills are nowhere to be seen they have had to relocate to other areas.
Siskins and Redpolls come to feeders in peoples gardens in the winter as normal but go back to the conifer plantations in summer to breed.
I have had flocks of both of these lovely birds in my garden all summer and they have consumed a lot of Niger seed, but you have to help out if you can. This Pine cone failure will undoubtedly affect next seasons populations of these birds because there will inevitably be less birds to breed.
Things like this that might seem inconsequential to some and even unknown to others are a disaster to these birds, I hope they can recover quickly and continue to grace us with their presence.