Getting up early - Part two.

25th June 2014
Yesterday morning was so pleasant that I decided to get up very early again. This morning, however, was much cooler with no direct sunlight. Better in some ways for seeing birds and other wildlife, less haze and less silhouetting. I didn't mention anything in the previous blog but when I surprised the Tawny Owl yesterday I thought I heard some small squeaking from the same area of the woods. This is the time for young Tawny Owls to leave the nest and fly short distances around the woods on their own, although never straying far from their mother.
I arrived about the same time as yesterday and just waited quietly and sure enough after about ten minutes I heard the sqeaking again. I was now fairly sure there were youngsters there, seeing them however, is another matter. I scoured the canopy to no avail and then I heard the adult Owl hooting and straight away there was a small squeaking, this roughly located where they were hidden away. Then the adult flew across the canopy and landed on a branch and passed some food to another bird, it must have been a youngster but I still couldn't see anything!
I moved my position to view from a different angle, sometimes this is all it takes to reveal a hidden bird, then I saw a little movement tight up against a tree trunk. I couldn't believe it, a young Tawny Owlet was looking straight at me and then an even bigger surprise a second little face peered around the first bird, two Owlets! both looking at me. I managed to take a number of shots of these two incredibly cute little birds, it really made my morning.
It definitely is worth getting up early!!!

Please see Latest Images, Tawny Owls, for more pics.