Grasshopper Warblers

18th April 2011
There are quite a number of these birds coming in at the moment, with reports from various areas. Watching these birds can be frustrating as most of them creep around in low vegetation, then fly up onto a concealed perch to produce a 'Reel' then disappear again. They can remain concealed and just reel away for hours on end which is very frustrating.
I went down to Llangors lake where one has been present for a couple of days to try my luck. I could hear its reeling so I sat down by a nearby tree and waited and waited.
I thought I could hear it's song right in front of me but it can be very deceiving and in fact the bird was some ten yards away. Finally the bird perched in the next tree away from me and I was able to get some quick shots through the foliage before it disappeared again.
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