Kingfishers on the River Usk, Episode Two.

01st July 2015
After watching Venus and Jupiter appear in relative close proximity and marvelling at the wonderful bright full moon I could tell that it was hardly going to get dark last night. The night was hot and humid so sleep wasn't a viable option and the birds were singing at 03.30 this morning so I decided to get up and make my way down to the River Usk. As I carried my kit through the fields I could see there wasn't any dew whatsoever on the grass, everything had dried out after yesterday's heat, quite unusual!
When I arrived at the Kingfisher's territory I could see my perch was still in place, so I quickly got under cover and waited for the birds to start flying around, I saw some movement across the river and slowly a Fox emerged out of the vegetation, I took a few shots but it quickly disappeared back into the undergrowth. After a while an adult female Kingfisher landed on the perch, this was a surprise but it suggested to me that their second brood are either out of the nest or very close to being so. She preened for a while and removed a feather from her wing. These birds wont tolerate badly laying feathers and always quickly remove them.

After a while the sun came up over the trees and bathed the whole area in a golden light and almost immediately an adult male Kingfisher landed on the perch. I shot him in wondrous light, these are the rewards a photographer gets for getting out very early.

Sometime later the female returned and she started to hover over the river.

There is never going to be enough light to allow a high enough shutter speed to freeze a Kingfishers wings at this location, but I was pleased my new lens 'locked onto' her in mid-air, in what was worsening light because of the cloud cover that had now appeared. The light continued to deterioate and it then began to rain, I knew it was all over by then and I decided to pack up and leave, however, because I was there early I had beaten the weather.