Kingfishers Part Two

16th August 2014
I have been hoping that the young Kingfishers would soon be out of the nest and that I would have an opportunity to photograph them. They tend to stay fairly close to the nest site for a couple of weeks until the adults drive them away. I have been back to the site a few times and have seen no sign of the female which suggests to me that she still has unfledged birds. Yesterday I was watching the male bird perched on ‘Nessie’ and after he flew up river and five minutes had passed a bird landed and I could immediately see that it looked very different. It looked in better condition than the male because he is looking much more worn after constantly fishing and going in and out of the nest tunnel.
On closer inspection I was delighted to see that it was a one of the youngsters, a female displaying all the classic markings of a juvenile bird. Then the adult male returned and pushed the youngster off the perch, they do not allow any other bird on their primary perches, in this case ‘Nessie’. It’s lovely to see all his efforts rewarded with a young bird flying around even if he doesn't appear to tolerate his offspring. This youngster is preening well and fishing with great enthusiasm but not too much success, but that skill will develop in time. The river remains low and there are plenty of small fish for her to practise on, so conditions are perfect for a high success rate for these iconic river birds. I will be watching their progress in the coming week.
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