Lesvos 2017.

01st June 2017
We’ve just returned from a mini break in Lesvos, although the bird migration was essentially over, and we knew that prior to leaving, there were still some nice birds to see.
After a very eventful journey there enduring airport delays caused by a passenger and then a nightmare drive through Mytilini avoiding Kamikaze pizza delivery riders and compounded by a really badly designed one way system we finally arrived in darkness at our hotel around 22.00. Our flight times were not the most amenable anyway but delays on top are most unwelcome!
We didn’t seek out any birds in particular we just visited different areas of the island and took what came along. The weather was superb with wall to wall sunshine every day and we spent the week in shorts and tee shirts basking in 30+ C sunshine. At this time of year, however, you have to be up at first light to take advantage of the mellow light and the birds because by 11.00 it is too hot to bird and the sun is too strong for taking any decent shots. After this time we became regular tourists and just chilled out driving around and stopping at little tavernas for lunch etc. We returned to our hotel by mid-afternoon and had a rest on the balcony before strolling down to the local harbour to enjoy a nice dinner and a glass or two of the local wines and beers in the many restaurants and bars.
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