Migration in reverse but Wheatears at last!!

29th April 2012
This horrendous weather we have been enduring for almost the whole of April must make the upland areas of the Brecon Beacons very unpleasant for Spring migrants, but come they must. Yesterday I saw a thousand Swallows over Llangors lake, swarming like flies low down over the surface of the water feeding on insects driven down by the bad weather, quite a spectacle, there were also around twenty Swifts there. Swifts are almost always the last to arrive over the lake, Sand Martins have been there for a few weeks, but conspicuous by their absence are House Martins. In years gone by House Martins were always here before the Swifts and the Acrocephalus Warblers like Reed and Sedge, but this is now the reverse.
However, at last there is some passage of Northern Wheatears showing on the Beacons. Yesterday I counted about eighty in my traditional sites for these lovely birds, some are starting nest building in old isolated limestone walls and conglomerate boulders. They certainly need some shelter in the inhospitable areas where they choose to breed.
These sites always provide me with some lovely views of what are some of the smartest spring migrants.
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