Migration stalled by bitter NE wind.

11th March 2013
I felt we were in for an early start to the spring migration this year with a few Sand Martins, Northern Wheatears and Chiffchaffs already in the county. However, we will have to wait a little longer because this strong and bitterly cold NE wind will be holding the birds back for a while. I have put out extra food for the birds this week, they really need it, it could mean the difference between life and death for some. On a brighter note Goshawks are now displaying and the Hawfinches will just be coming into their breeding plumage so I'm going to the Forest of Dean on the weekend to see if I can see some. New fancy view in Parkend is one of the best Goshawk displaying view points. Also Crossbills and infrequently Hawfinches can be seen flying across the treetops from there. The elusive Lesser Sotted Woodpecker can also be seen in this area at this time of year. I hope this wind blows through by then because it can be bitingly cold up on the viewpoint.
I am really looking forward to spring and I hope the weather is better this year, let's be honest it couldn't be any worse than last year. Around Brecon the land is now starting to dry out and the River Usk is as low as I've seen it in March for many a year! This is very good news indeed for the Wagtails, Dippers and Kingfishers, they need all the luck they can get. The evenings are now drawing out and the clocks will be going on later this month. I am looking forward to hearing my first Chiffchaff singing, for me the start of Spring and then a little later on the descending song of the Willow Warbler will follow.
My garden in full of Snowdrops, Crocus and Primrose and there are newborn lambs in the field outside my house, soon they will get more confident and will stray from their mothers and form little groups and start running around the field like children playing, lovely to see, this is without doubt the best time of year.