Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

24th November 2013
The Monmouthshire and Brecon canal runs from its basin right outside the Theatre Brycheiniog in the centre of Brecon, through a few small local villages and on to its termination outside the market town of Abergavenny.
I have walked along this canal for nearly forty years and I have watched its popularity grow as more and more people hire boats and barges for holidays and also cycle and walk its length. This popularity bears no resemblance to how I remember the canal all those years ago. While I was looking at the lock keepers house yesterday I was thinking about old Tom who used to live there. He was a real old character, he used to ride his battered old bike along the canal footpath most evenings to enjoy a few pints in the White Hart in Talybont on Usk. He used to tell great stories, of which I couldn’t get enough. Mike the landlord, known as ‘Mike the White’ wouldn’t have a television or juke box in his pub, he said they ruined conversation! He did, however, have live music there some nights, no amps, just a guitar or banjo and a singalong. I particularly remember one night when a blind gentleman was led in and sat down with a pint, suddenly a guitar was produced and this man sang and played one of the most beautiful renditions of 'Unchained Melody' by the Righteous Brothers I have ever heard. Mike, who never displayed much emotion retreated to the kitchen and later reappeared with tears running down his face declaring that he had been peeling onions for a stew he was making, however, we all knew the real reason for his tears. Another time Screaming Lord Such of Monster Raving Looney Party fame stayed the night at the pub during one of his political campaigns. After his dinner he retired to his room and the following morning Mike knocked on his bedroom door to tell him breakfast was ready, only to find that he had disappeared in the night without paying his bill.
What great times we had there!!
Sadly both Mike and Tom passed away many years ago, and the pub, just like many others now, no individuality.....
I digress;

The deciduous trees which line the canal banks are particularly beautiful for a short period this time of year as their leaves change to a myriad of different colours. There is a small window of time when a photographer can capture these colours. A bright sunny day with blue sky is needed, a lack of people and before the first heavy frosts cause the leaves to drop. I have invested in a new wide angled lens and I thought I would give it a test run. I will detail my impression of it in the equipment review section on the front page of this site.
Meanwhile, please see Landscapes, Around the local area, Mon and Brecon Canal.