More Waxwings.

17th January 2017
I thought the Waxwings had finished for me this winter after photographing them in Brecon, but I was wrong. I knew there were a lot more around the country but I didn't think they would come to this area. However, the county bird recorder for Breconshire was driving through a small village nearby and by chance he saw eight birds in a hedgerow and that's how it is with this current irruption, they can literally be anywhere!
The following morning my wife Susan and I were out first thing looking for them, they were not in the same area where he had seen them the previous afternoon but after some searching I found them near the small village primary school. Thankfully it was a Saturday and I was able to set up my gear right outside the playground. On a schoolday I wouldn't have gone near there, you can't be too careful these days, (a sad reflection on the society we all live in).
The same eight birds were perched up high in a Birch tree but after a couple of minutes they swooped down to land in berry trees right by the side of us. They were no more than ten feet away and we could almost reach out and touch them. These lovely birds are so confident that it's quite amazing but also quite lovely.
I had to back off to get them in the camera frame and they were also continually singing their lovely jingling song which made it even more enjoyable. I took many shots before another three birders joined us and we all enjoyed the spectacle. The day after they were all gone, it's that fleeting and that's why you have to react straight away if you want to see and in particular photograph birds, don't wait, they wont!!