Nature's alarm clock

08th June 2013
There is a large Ash tree in my garden and for the last week there has been a male Blackcap perched in the branches singing from dawn to dusk. I had the tree cut back quite severely last year because the branches were overhanging my house and were getting too dangerous in the winter in high wind. I left enough branches on the tree so it would grow back in a different direction, I didn't want to cut it right down its been there a long time.
This bird sits in the nearest branch to one of the bedroom windows and signs from first light. The Blackcap is a fabulous singer, right up there with the best with his rich and fluty repertoire. It's a real pleasure to hear him so I have been leaving the window open half an inch so he isn't too loud to keep me awake but just enough to have him sing in the background. It's glorious to be woken up gently with his song, especially during this current spell of beautiful weather.
I hope he and this weather continue for the rest of the summer!