Farakunku Tree and Bird Sanctuary, The Gambia, Part 2.

13th April 2018
On another evening in the Sanctuary a group of Green Wood Hoopoes came to drink.

These lovely, delicate, birds, with long white flecked tails and a long red de-curved bill are a joy to watch, it was a large family group of adults and juveniles. This group visited the garden for three or four days and then totally disappeared, much to our disappointment. Nevertheless there were many other birds to take their place – one evening we saw a hitherto shy bird, a Senegal Coucal come to drink right in front of us.

This was followed amazingly by a Blue Bellied Roller, a gorgeous bird.

It’s some experience to have these lovely birds just 20 feet away, it’s amazing what a pot of water can do!
Suddenly six feet away clinging to a small sapling there was a Fine Spotted Woodpecker making his way to drink from a small hanging water basket.

We kept very still and quiet and had amazing views of this lovely bird and at one stage a female joined him to drink. While watching the Woodpeckers we hadn’t noticed a Grey Backed Cameroptera looking for insects on the ground near our shelter.

These tiny birds are very Wren-like in their habits and appearance and are easily overlooked. Then a beautiful long Tailed Glossy Starling flew into one of the trees just before we left for the evening.