Autumn Migrants

24th September 2011
The Autumn migration appears to be under way with a few flocks of Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds appearing around the area. I saw this Ring Ouzel mixed in with a flock of Mistle Thrushes, probably a first winter male. These birds are by nature very flighty and quite difficult to photograph so I am always pleased to get any shots.
Following on behind these will be Redwings and Fieldfares there is, however, a shortage of Rowan berries around the area which Ouzels favour, but plenty of Hawthorn to keep the other winter thrushes happy.
Other parts of the country, ie north and south, have some exotic birds at the moment, some from the big Atlantic storms of two weeks ago and some from the east. Unfortunately our geographic location makes it very unlikely we will experience these rarities.
Can we expect another Waxwing irruption like last year? I live in hope............
Please see UK Birds.