Little Bunting.

08th February 2015
News broke on thursday this week of a Little Bunting found at Forest Farm nature reserve on the outskirts of Cardiff. These birds breed in northern Europe and Asia but are an annual visitor to the Uk in the autumn. They have been nicknamed 'The Secret Winterer' because they can go undetected, although quite a bit smaller, they could easily be dismissed as a reed bunting. I have seen many of these birds in China where they were literally hopping around my feet as I stood on the edge of a paddy field. I have also seen a couple in the Uk but not for some years.
I decided to go down to this reserve in Cardiff on saturday morning to meet up with a friend of mine, so we could attempt to photograph this bird. We met at first light before anyone was around and were immediately rewarded with the bird feeding right in front of us. The light was a bit poor first thing but it gradually improved and we were able to take a number of shots before anyone arrived. Gradually the amount of birders built up until the hide was full, but the bird still performed very well for the people who had travelled to see it.
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