Sunrise and sunset in Mallorca 2.

29th October 2015
Sunsets, however, are much more difficult to capture than sunrises because you know where the sun rises every day and if you are at the location in plenty of time you can get a similar image fairly regularly. With sunsets although the same geography applies the red skies tend to be a bit more uncertain. Some evenings there are none at all and sometimes the colour is in a different place, it usually depends on where the cloud formations are. I went out one evening about an hour before sunset to try and pin down where the best place was to see the sun setting and after a bit of driving around I could see the best viewpoint was in the garden of a large private villa. I only had to stand just inside the front gates to get the shot and there appeared to be no one around so I waited until the sky became coloured and just went inside and took the shot.

Tramuntana Mountains.

I saw no one and we were on our way without any problem.
These mountains really are spectacular and I'm sure there were many better vantage points known to the locals but this was the most convenient for us.