Spring in the Brecon Beacons.

01st April 2016
What a day it was yesterday! A true spring day in the Beacons.
I was up early and walking at Craig Cerrig Gleisiad looking for Ring Ouzels but although there have been a few isolated reports from around the country there were none there yesterday. However, they will come soon and the lack of birds was compensated by the weather. Later on in the early afternoon I was walking on Mynydd Illtud, an upland area in the middle of the Beacons. The Skylarks are now establishing territories and they are singing their song from on high and then characteristically parachuting back down to earth. I always love to see them doing this and they are an iconic bird of this type of terrain.
The views of the Beacons from Mynydd Illtyd are spectacular and I decided to take a few shots from the highest point looking across at Corn Ddu and Penyfan. A circular polarizing filter helps to mellow the light on these bright spring days and I would recommend anybody taking photographs outdoors, where ever they are, to buy one of these filters. They are quite expensive but are definitely worth the money and can transform your images!

Polarizing filter results

Penyfan and Corn Ddu fron Mynydd Illtud

A three photo stitch at the same location.

I'll keep on trying for the Ring Ouzels, I hope they arrive soon!