Night Herons, Lesvos.

01st June 2017
If there is one bird that I have struggled to get any decent images of on Lesvos it is the Night Heron. This has been frustrating because I must admit to them being my favourite Herons. I have seen many in flight, sometimes up to twenty birds flying back to roost, usually in the very early morning. However, this time I noticed a couple of birds sitting out on branches above the east river, again early in the morning. These lovely but enigmatic birds are mostly active by night and then spend the day communally roosting in the tops of pine tree plantations. They are usually, like any Heron quite shy, and you have to be careful when trying to photograph them or they will just climb further into the undergrowth or even fly away. I could see one bird favouring a particular area on a few mornings so again one morning very early I drove down river and turned around so I was facing the right way and then crawled back up with my lens mounted on a bean bag on the car window sill. I stopped opposite him and switched the engine off, he thankfully tolerated me and I was able to take many shots of him until he decided it was time to fly to roost and off he went, you have to be there early to catch these birds!

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