On the Waxwing trail.

13th December 2010
Because of the lack of Waxwings locally I decided to look outside the area for these glorious birds. Saturday found me in Llanishen in Cardiff on a busy road where about 150 Waxwings were flying around and from time to time feeding in a tree above a bus stop. However, the light was poor and the traffic situation even worse, so I abandoned any hope of taking photographs. I wasn't put off, so on Sunday I went up to Bobblestock on the outskirts of Hereford and here there were about 80 birds perched in a tall tree and at regular intervals they were coming down to feed in a small, berry laden tree on the roadside. I was able to approach them quite closely and enjoy watching them feed and listen to their delicate and beautiful calling to each other. They were flying low just above the road and coming right up to me before rising up and just skimming over my head.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours and I was able to get some reasonable shots.
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