Pembrokeshire Parrots.

09th July 2014
It's been over twenty years since my wife and I have visited Skomer Island off the west Wales coast so we decided to take advantage of this lovely weather we are having at the moment and take a trip.
We left early yesterday morning at 06.00 and made the journey in two and a half hours. We thought that we would get on the first boat across but we had forgotten how popular this little island is! The carpark was full and we had to wait for the second crossing on an extra trip that the boat was making. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the sea was calm and the crossing only took fifteen minutes. We had decided not to walk too far, we were just going to chill out and have some fun with the Puffins - which were everywhere.
What little comedians these birds are, literally walking around our feet, they were totally oblivious to all the people watching them as they went abouit their routine.
We had a picnic on the cliff top and just took a few casual photos of the Puffins.
I only carried my little Canon 300mm f4.0 lens, anything else is just an encumberance. If you are thinking of going I recommend leaving any big lenses at home, firstly because of all the steps up from the boat landing area to the top of the island and secondly you wont need them because the birds, the Puffins that is, are so confident with people.
It was a thoroughly enoiyable day and I recommend it.
Please see Birding sites in the UK, Skomer Island.