Peregrine Falcon, What a bird!!!

21st April 2012
While out walking in the Brecon Beacons yesterday looking for Spring Migrants, I had some success, seeing Redstart, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Blackcap. I also watched a Marsh tit with nesting material in its beak and a Pair of Bullfinches courting, always nice. However, I was hoping to hear a Cuckoo but no luck, perhaps it's just a fraction early for them to get going in the upland areas of the Beacons. We have been having some violent rain and hail showers lately here and if you are unfortunate to get caught out in one it's very unpleasant indeed. I was walking about a mile from the car, with one eye on the sky, as I looked up I noticed a huge black cloud moving quickly in my direction, I was near an old limestone escarpment with some overhangs so I got under cover just as an unbelievable hailstone shower started. There were stones as big as garden peas bouncing a foot off the floor, suddenly I heard a loud screeching and a Male Peregrine came zooming in and landed on a ledge opposite me and got under cover in a small cave, he must have had the same idea as me, shelter!
When the storm finished I could see him tearing at what looked like a Pigeon carcass, he must have hidden it there earlier and this place must have been his shelter. I put the lens together as quickly as I could and managed to shoot a few frames before he flew off into the now blue sky. These storms are a real nuisance but they certainly presented me with some nice views of a fabulous bird.
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