Red Kites, ever the opportunists!

08th June 2015
It's that time of year when my neighbours leave a few fields of grass grow long, then in a dry spell of weather, mow them, thresh them and then bale them up for silage for animal fodder later on in the year. Whenever this happens, as if by magic the Red Kites appear, from seemingly nowhere. They know that there will be mice and other rodents displaced by the farm machinery and they wait above hoping to get a easy meal. When I saw the tractor in the field I immediately set my gear up and tucked in close to my apple trees which border the farmland. I watched the two Kites take at least six rodents during the time I was there, they really are opportunists.
Please see latest Images, Red Kites.
All shots handheld with the Canon ef600 f4 mk2 lens.