Return of the Cuckoos.

22nd April 2014
The Cuckoos have returned to the Brecon Beacons this spring;
I have been out walking all this week hoping to hear their wonderful sound and last Friday I heard it in a local clear-fell. What a surprise though, three males all flying around one area trying to establish a territory. When this happens it is the perfect scenario for a bird watcher as they tend to forget about nearby people because they are so involved with each other.
One bird landed literally five feet away from me in a Hawthorn bush, so preoccupied was he! Another male bird landed about thirty feet away and that is what I was waiting for.
I shot him as he perched on some flimsy Hawthorn branches, they always amaze me with their dexterity as they land on branches that seem to be too thin to support them. The only problem is when they do this you have to wait for the branch to stop moving and hopefully they don't fly off before.
They really are a charismatic bird of our spring and I will never tire of seeing them, long may they frequent our shores!
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