Rufous Bush Chat, Lesvos.

01st June 2017
Another enigmatic bird that has eluded me photographically is the Rufous Bush Chat, now called Rufous Scrub Robin. They can be very elusive indeed just hiding in a patch of scrub or a few bushes and only popping out occasionally to give brief and tantalising views. Along a quiet stretch of track we had seen two birds flying back and fore some bushes a few times as we were driving past. These were obviously a breeding pair, so one afternoon we decided to park under an overhanging tree in the shade to have some lunch, this also gave us a potential opportunity to view them. As we sat there on this quiet track almost falling asleep in the dappled shade. Suddenly - a male bird was on the track twenty yards away, we thought that was the only views we were getting but he came hopping along nearer and nearer until he was only five yards away! We couldn’t believe this bird was behaving like this and I was able to take a few shots of what is normally a very awkward bird.

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