Ruppell's Warbler Lesvos

10th May 2011
Kavaki, Just north of Petra, is a well known historical nesting site for these beautiful warblers. It is a habitat of low scrub which also can attract other warblers such as Subalpine, Orphean and Barred, all of which were present when we visited on a beautiful sunny morning. I noticed that a male Ruppell's Warbler was using a particular bush top to sing from but there were too many people around on this visit to get a photograph. I didn't mention this bird's behaviour to anyone for fear of disturbance. When we returned early another morning there was a crowd of Dutch birders watching a Barred Warbler which was distant, so with no chance of a photograph, I decided to make my way down to the Ruppell's Warbler bush I had noticed on my first visit. I set up my gear and within 5 minutes he was at the top of the bush, giving spectacular close views, I couldn't believe my luck! but a little bit of planning sometimes gives great results.
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