Spring in Llangasty reedbeds.

26th June 2014
I was up early again today, I'm on a roll now!
Today I went in searh of the trinity of reedbed birds;
Reed Warbler (A bit awkward to shoot).
Reed Bunting (Quite obliging).
Sedge Warbler (Quite difficult).

I was in the new bird hide at Llangasty quite early and almost immediately I could see a half grown Water Rail in the undergrowth, although it never came out into the open it was a good start to the day, but not my target.
My first bird the Reed Warbler was flitting around the base of the reedbed, however, it's only a matter of waiting for one to sing from a reed out in the open. All a photographer needs are some unobstructed shots, I'm glad to say after a few attempts I managed to pin one down.
One down two to go!
There are a number of saplings dotted around the reedbeds and Reed Buntings like to pitch on these and sing. I was lucky because one of the male birds favourite perches had a clear background behind it and the light was getting better all the time. I have made my priorities clear in previous blogs, in my humble opinion the background of an image is at least as important as the subject and good mellow light is the cherry on the cake. I'm pleased to say the Reed Bunting duly obliged!
One to go!
I knew this would be the most difficult, sometimes they sing out in the open but mostly they are feeding young this time of the year and they fly in and just dive straight down into the long grass. They tend to favour the meadows rather than the reeds at Llangasty and this makes it really awkward. I didn't get one single opportunity for a shot, they were only perching on the vegetation for literally two seconds before disappearing. You have to stay on the recognized pathway because they are a nesting bird and the young come first and walking though the long meadow grass is not really acceptable this time of year.
I decided I needed to changs tack and there was a small Beech sapling at the paths edge and I wedged up tight against it, hoping to make myself less obtrusive. I still spent about an hour waiting for a shot but at least they were now flying around. Finally a bird perched reasonably close and I managed to fire off three shots and that was my only opportunity, very difficult to get the third bird of the trinity.
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