Sunbirds of The Gambian Savannah.

11th May 2018
The general Savannah in the Gambia consists of large open areas of low to medium scrub interspersed with stands of trees. This can then be interrupted by dense forests of magnificent older trees, these Savannahs become very hot, dry and dusty out of the rainy season. Nevertheless they provide a seemingly endless habitat for birds. You cannot, unlike birding in the UK, go more than a hundred yards without seeing something very nice. Some of the most colourful birds to see in these Savannahs and indeed in everybody’s garden, are the Sunbirds, these beautiful little birds are not shy and will come quite close to a human. They are typically very busy little birds and will be seen hovering around flowers looking for food. They will also come to drink wherever they can find water.
Below are a few photos of these lovely little jewels.

Variable Sunbird.

Scarlet - chested Sunbird.

Splendid Sunbird.

Beautiful Sunbird.