Sunrise and sunset in Mallorca 1.

29th October 2015
This autumn for most mornings and evenings I could see a nice sunrise and sunset from the terrace of our holiday villa in Pollenca, Mallorca. The sunrises looked to be over Port de Pollenca, about seven miles away, so one morning I got up extra early and drove to the sea front there. This place was jam packed with tourists from mid-morning onwards and was not a place I wanted to be, but it was quite pleasant at first light. I waited for the sun to just peep over the horizon and then took a shot straight away.

Port de Pollenca.

If you wait for the full sunrise the chance is gone because the sun just blows everything. A few people arrived after the sun had risen and took photographs but they would be no good against such a strong sunlight.
Name of the game as always - get up early!!