The versatility of the Sigma 150-600 C lens.

09th August 2017
I am now using the Sigma 150 – 600 F5.6 – 6.3 Contemporary lens as my walk around lens, (see equipment reviews), it superceded my Canon ef 300 f4 lens for this purpose, the Canon was a great lens but it was just too short on focal length. Despite its focal length this Sigma lens can be just hung over your shoulder or put on a lightweight monopod when walking and is ready for action at short notice. It is better in many ways than a big and sometimes heavy prime lens because of its convenience. The primes will ultimately produce better image quality but by the time you have removed the prime lens from a bag and put it on a tripod the moment has usually passed.
I cannot praise this Sigma lens highly enough, I am genuinely impressed with its performance and for such a small lightweight and quite inexpensive lens to produce such good images is a great credit to Sigma. Yesterday I was out walking on one of the rare fine days we have had this summer and butterflies were starting to fly in the relatively warm sunshine. I was able to move around quickly to get the best angles because butterflies rarely pitch where you want them to and this allowed me to get many images that wouldn’t have been possible with a heavier and more cumbersome prime. This lens autofocuses at 2.88 metres so you can stand back from insects like butterflies and not disturb them while zooming in to 600mm to get the shot.
It is no surprise to me that this lens and its heavier cousin the 150-600 Sports version are big sellers. If you want to obtain quality images on a very reasonable budget then this is the lens for you.

This Peacock butterfly taken with ; Canon 7D ii with Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens @ 600mm @F6.3 - 320/sec. (Hand held)!