28th October 2010
It looks like another Waxwing year, there is already a major irruption of these beautiful birds throughout Scotland, down the east coast of the UK and into the Midlands.
We in Wales are always last on the list for these birds but when the food runs out in their initial landing areas hopefully they will move west and south to us.
They can easily be dismissed as a flock of Starlings, having a roughly similar flight pattern, so any flock of medium sized birds will be worth a second look in the coming weeks. Waxwings have a likeing for ornamental berries so they are just as likely to be seen in a supermarket carpark as anywhere. Perhaps even in your garden if you have Rowan, Cotoneaster or Pyrocanthea berries left on your shrubs. These birds are very confiding and will allow people to approach quite closely. They really are worth seeking out, please see images on this website under Common and Rarer birds.