Whinchats in Cwm Llia, Brecon Beacons.

25th June 2017
I don't visit the Senni valley and Cwm Llia, (Llia valley), very often because although they are very attractive they are unfortunately plagued by outdoor pursuits companies. These people disturb everything with their convoys of mini buses and crowds of people, and wherever they are - I'm not!! Also Maen Llia, (the thought to be Bronze age), standing stone in Cwm Llia is a tourist attraction and once late morning comes traffic builds up and it's time to go!
However, I was passing through this valley a few days ago early in the early morning during the heat-wave we experienced, it was necessary to be out very early before the sun became too strong and ruined the light. I had stopped on the roadside and the only sounds were the birds singing and it was pleasantly mild in the gentle early morning breeze. I thought I could hear a Northern Wheatear calling, nothing surprising there, this is a breeding area for them, but as I looked I could now see it was a Whinchat. These are quite widespread summer migrants to the Uk but I don't see many locally so I was pleased. I stayed in my car and I could now see two birds, male and female, going back and fore an obvious nest - even better!
I shot a few images and drove on twenty or thirty yards not to disturb them, they had a nest in the base of a Hawthorn tree and both birds were taking food in. I'm certain the youngsters will be out very soon so I will probably go back next week 'early' one morning to try and see them, they are pretty little birds.