Wintering Thrushes

27th October 2012
Well I'm pleased to say my hopes have materialised and this cold front from the Arctic has driven northern birds down through the UK. I was up in the Elan valley in Mid Wales today and I saw a flock of over a thousand Fieldfares and Redwings. It consisted of about 90% Fieldfares, also flying among them were 2 Ring Ouzels and 1 male Brambling. They are always very mobile when they first arrive and are difficult to approach but when they settle down I will be trying to get some shots. I just enjoyed the spectacle for now, it's great to listen to the Fieldfares chattering and the Redwings soft little noises as they fly around. At one point I was surrounded on all sides by wintering thrushes, every tree top was full of them.
It's always nice to see some visible migration.