Wood Warblers.

16th June 2017
If there's one little bird that makes my spring it's the Wood Warbler. This tiny little jewel usually arrives in the Brecon Beacons in late April where they are often overlooked unless you are familiar with their call and song. Their call is a series of single peeping notes which are quite penetrating and their song is the characteristic 'Spinning Coin'. They favour light open areas of Oak and Beech where with patience they can be seen flitting restlessly from branch to branch as they search for insects. For such an arborial bird they unusually make their nests on the ground typically under fallen branches. They are quite difficult to photograph because they are so small and very restless. There is a particular area I visit in May and June where I know they will be present and it has never failed to turn up these lovely little birds. Yesterday I was there early morning and sure enough I could hear their calls and I identified three birds flying around. Exercising a considerable amount of patience I finally managed to get a record shot of what is my favourite spring warbler.